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“A woman only wears makeup for those who appreciate her.”


At #129Dresses,
we strive to empower women through the art of dressing. Thus in purpose
of inspiring more and more women look and feel better about themselves,
we invite #PowerGirls like you to share your most valuable fashion
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一、读书不仅仅影响到个体,还影响到全体中华民族。 (not only + inversion; as a



It is ancient saying from the Han Dynasty (206 BC-220 AD) that has been
ingrained in Chinese people’s minds for generations.

Not only does reading influence a single person, but it also influences
a nation as a whole.

Our Star is Natalie Waters



二、和老年人在同步就像读1本厚厚的书,令人喜爱。(part with)

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In ancient China, the styles and colors of women’s clothes were often
connected with men’s taste.

Being in the company of the old is like reading a thick book, which you
don’t want to part with.

Born and raised in Australia, I grew up wanting to be a professional
dancer. Studied a bachelor of performing arts and performed in musicals,
tv shows and movies. After a back injury, moved into my second passion,
wine, as a wine investment advisor. After marrying my husband Brett, we
moved to China in 2006 where we have been working and raising our 2 sons
who are now 9 and 11yrs. 

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三、近年来虽说读书的人更加少了,但仍有人嗜书如命。(look upon / on as)

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Emperors’ personal choices largely decided what would be fashionable. If
the clothes, makeup or hairstyle of a concubine got special appreciation
from an emperor, her style would be a trend that was followed by both
the noble and common women.

Though nowadays fewer and fewer people read books, there are still some
people who look upon / on books as their lives.

I started working for Wine Club 101 as an event manager in 2001, and
after the sad passing of its founder and my wine mentor Joe Gabriele, I
took over as General Manager. I love that you can never really know
everything about wine, there are so many varietals and flavours and
characters. I don’t like to drink to get drunk, I like to enjoy every
smell and every taste from the moment it first touches your tongue to
moment it disappears from your palate. I meet so many people in my job
and love bringing them all together with a common interest, to enjoy
wine and have great fun at interesting events.



四、他有买书的习惯,但买了之后,大都束之高阁。(lie idle on the shelf)

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Sometimes, the makeup and dress styles of popular prostitutes also
influenced the nobles and royals.

He had the habit of buying books, but most of the books would lie idle
on the shelf after he had bought them.

1.What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

Cuddle my husband, then wake the kids up for swim training.



5、在路边的三个小书店里,笔者正雅观到了那本小编渴望已久的书。(stumble upon;
long to do sth)

2.Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Both! I don’t get much sleep!

编年史史记录者伯纳尔德 of

Nowadays, clothes are more like a way to show the wearer’s taste and

I stumbled upon the book I longed to have for quite a long time in a
small roadside bookstore.

3.Favorite fashion era?

I love the pin up girl look from the 60’s. Sweet heart Neckline, cinched
waist and flared skirt!

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4.Earliest fashion memory?

I absolutely loved wearing Neon colours in the 80’s. I always got into
trouble at school for wearing neon pink earrings.

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To a large number of Chinese women who are “working girls” and “working
mothers”, dressing up for men has become an old story.

He has a natural resistance to fashion, so there’s no point talking
about fashion with him.

5.What’s the first outfit you ever bought for yourself?

My organza electric blue strapeless dress for my year 10 Formal.





Clothes that make you feel, beautiful, sexy and confident.

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However, not all of them think the same way.

Many famous brands were named after their designers.

7.How would you describe your personal style?

For work events I like a tailored look in bold colours with sky high
heels. At home and with the kids, comfy tracksuit and an off the
shoulder tee.




8.Who’s the most inspiring woman that you look up to?

Angelina Jolie, Super busy and still stunning!


Recently, a fashion trend named “easy to get married” style has sparked
a series of debates on the internet since November.

The past 30 years saw the developmentof Chinese economy as well as the
transition of fashion.

9.Favorite book?

The Light Between Oceans

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10.Spirit animal?




What kind of clothes will be fashionable in the coming summer remains

11.What’s your guilty pleasure?

Royce Chocolate from Japan and a sticky dessert wine…Yum!

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12.Tote or clutch?

Tote…always got too much to carry!


  1. It’s important to show the shape of the legs and arms.

Some people think that nowadays women are exposing more and more of
themselves from  their manner of dressing, while in contrast men are
dressing more conservatively.

13.Heels or flats?


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14.Little black dress or little white dress?

Little white dress

华侈的服装惹恼了教会神父:Bernard of

  1. Breasts should be fully hidden to avoid looking vulgar.

Contrary to traditional belief, men also gossip with each other, it’s
just that they gossip in a  way different from women.

15.Colors or Black/White?


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16.Dress up or dress down?

亚洲必赢官网app( ,Weekday dress down, weekends dress up and party!


  1. One’s hair is often dyed dark brown as a softer alternative to dull

While women could grasp the details in life, men usually care less about

17.What’s your favorite piece from #129Dresses’latest collection?

Totally in love with all the Kimono’s!

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18.Wechat or Facebook?



  1. Jewelry and other accessories should be fine and small, and never too
    big or with weird shapes.

Presently/currently, the number of female civil servants account for
about one third in the total of civil servants across the country.

19.Favorite Instagram account to browse on?

My two children as I don’t have my own account!




20.What’s your favorite emoji?

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  1. A lipstick the color of red bean paste, rather than bright red, is a
    better choice to seal the look.

What the essay is discussing is to the effect that there’s great
difference between the way women and men think.

21.Favorite artist?

I love art by Australian Aboriginals, it’s amazing and so unique

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22.Last film you saw?

LaLa land

希腊共和国(The Republic of Greece)记录者Niketas Choniates评价埃利诺风格直指拜占庭:

People have suggested that wearers should speak softly and smile often
to look cuter in such a style.

A recent investigation suggests that housework accounts for about 50% of
the spare time of women.

23.Who would play you in a film about your life?

Aussie actress Margot Robbie, she could pull off the accent and loves a
nice wine!

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24.What’s one thing you can’t live without?

My family


The look of Japanese actress Satomi Ishihara in the 2014 TV
drama?Heartbroken Chocolatier?was rated by netizens as a typical
example of what “easy to get married” looks like.


25.If you could go on a trip to anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Greek Islands

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26.What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?

Be yourself


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27.What do you think are the current and future trends in fashion?

It seems tight silhouettes are becoming looser, fashion is becoming more

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The whole ensemble for the style implies the message, “I am nice, soft
and pure, and also easygoing,” which aligns with the values of a “good
woman” in traditional Asian culture.

28.What do you think is the biggest challenge that modern day women face nowadays and what should be done more to empower them?

I think our efforts and leadership qualities are still undervalued. When
we see a woman doing a great job in the workforce or at home, we should
tell her!! Being recognized for your efforts is very empowering.

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29.What are you going to do right after this interview?

Go and sell some more tickets to my newest event “ Suzhou On That Beat”

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But intentionally following the style to win popularity among men was
soon attacked by young Chinese people on the internet.


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Eleanor of Aquitaine (c.1124-1204) is one of the most important and
well-known figures of the Middle ages, due to her huge influence on the
cultural life of the time.

Chen Cangcang, a young fashion blogger, posted a story on Douban titled
Following ‘Easy to Get Married’ Style is the Most Cheesy Thing I Can

Born into the ruling family of the Duchy of Aquitaine, a large province
that covered most of southwest France, this cultured, sophisticated, and
most eligible heiress in Europe had an extraordinary zest for life.


At 15 she married the future King Louis VII of France and moved to

In the story, Chen said an independent woman would not take marriage as
the only thing that mattered in her life. She will not dress up for
marriage. Nowadays, only ignorant people would believe that marriage is
more important than work to a woman.

Used to luxury and splendor, Eleanor found the city bleak and gray.


She introduced new fashions, fabrics, and etiquette from the more
sophisticated south.

Many women also disliked the look and the intention to win men’s hearts
through one’s style of dress.

Nobles from Aquitaine had a reputation for being fashion conscious, and
the new queen shocked Louis’ courtiers with here jewels, kohl, and


Chronicler Bernard of Clairvaux remarked that her gowns were “not so
much adorned as loaded down with gold, silver, and precious stones.”

“I would rather not get married than pick up ‘easy to get married’
style,” a Douban user Jimaojianzi said.

She was said to be tall and extremely beautiful and continued to enchant
men across the known world into here old age.


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Although most female netizens said they would rather be themselves, some
people showed suspicion.

Setting the trend


Under her influence, women’s clothing became increasingly elaborate.

“Don’t undervalue the intention to wear clothes according to guys’
taste. Both men and women would deck for their beloved ones and to make
them happy. Who else they can dress up for? Animals?” said a netizen
named Jason in a comment on Douban.

The bliaut, a long overgown, was a new trend.


In Eleanor’s reign it grew tighter around the bodice, fitting snugly
down to the hips, and was worn with a decorative belt or girdle.

The bodice was split down either side from underarm to hip and attached
with ribbons, which could be tied to tighten the fabric across the body.

The skirt was cut wide, falling in light folds and pleats down to the

This emphasized the conspicuous use of rich fabrics.

Silk from the Middle East was readily available throughout Europe and
used extensively by the royal court.

In a palette of blues, grays, burgundies, and earth tones, the silk was
highly embellished and heavily embroidered in costly metallic threads.

The garments’ sumptuous flow outraged church fathers: Bernard of
Clairvaux complained about the ladies at court who “drag after them
trains of precious material that makes a cloud of dust.”

Bliaut sleeves also drew attention; they were tight from shoulder to
elbow, then flared out into enormous cuffs long enough to drag on the

Sleeves were knotted to shorten them and to make them more manageable.

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Impact abroad

A formidable woman, Eleanor accompanied her husband in 1147 on the
Second Crusade (1145-1149), traveling to Constantinople (modern
Istanbul) and Jerusalem.

She took chests of the finest clothing with her so she might appear as a
sophisticated Provencal queen instead of a Frankish rustic.

She cut a dashing figure.

The Greek chronicler Niketas Choniates noted Eleanor’s ride into

“…even women traveled in the ranks of the crusaders, boldly sitting
astride in their saddles as men do…

At the head of these was one in particular, richly dressed, who because
of the gold embroidery on the hem of her dress, was nicknamed Chrysopous
[Golden Foot].”

Eleanor was granted an annulment of her marriage to Louis in 1152 and
went on to marry Henry of Anjou as a love match.

In 1154 he became King of England into an illustrious court, introducing
art, makeup, romance, and poetry under the influence of her glamorous

Wherever she went, Eleanor challenged tradition, developing the style
and sophistication, romance, and chivalry for which the medieval period
became famous.

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