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1. Bruges, Belgium 布鲁日,比利时


There’s never really any downtime as a professional basketball player if
you want to continue to excel at your craft. My trainer comes with me
everywhere I go, and we always check beforehand to make sure the places
I’m traveling will have gyms available nearby. My leisure time is the
part of my vacation days that makes it into pictures and
videos — really, you see enough of me playing basketball during the
season — but I’m still waking up at six in the morning so that I can
work out for a few hours before going out for the day.

Trip Courtesy of Ctrip

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If you’ve seen the movie “In Bruges”, you probably know a little bit
about this city. And even though Colin Farrell’s character keeps saying
it’s boring, you can’t deny the beauty of this medieval city. The gothic
architecture is just mesmerizing, all those pretty buildings wrapped in
vines that go all shades of crimson in the fall – it’s a feast for your
eyes. And the canals, you have to take a boat ride through the canals
when you’re there – it’s incredible. Plus, they have the most charming
open air markets that work all the way until the end of November, and
it’s also a great opportunity to taste the best hot chocolate you’ll
ever have in your life.


Still, it’s important to have passions off the court, too, and one of
mine is fashion. As such, my first stop was Milan, a place I had never
been before, for Fashion Week. I get my appreciation for style from my
father and my culture. Where I come from, we’re a people that love to
dress well.

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                      My Favourite Season


Authored by Ali 智灏(United Kingdom)

2. Cumbria, England 坎布里亚,英格兰

双语阅读亚洲必赢官网app(:,最喜欢的季节。    In autumn, the kids go to school again. Some fruits are ready to be
picked. My favourite season is autumn, because the leaves change
colours, the weather is cool and we have the Mid-Autumn Festival in
China. I pretty enjoy autumn. It is the best season.

When I was young, I didn’t have the money to buy fancy clothes, but the
thing I always wanted and dreamed about was a pair of J.M. Weston shoes.
They’re beautiful, and they didn’t even have a store in the Congo; you
had to go to Spain to get them. But in Congo, if you were really into
fashion, then owning a pair J.M. Weston shoes was a must. It showed you
were very successful and aware of high style.

Getting away from the rat race of modernity and enjoying the natural
beauties of China seems to get harder by the minute especially in
increasingly overcrowded cities of the world. Filling the lungs with
proper fresh air and truly experiencing marvels of nature without
distraction can sometimes appear to be no more than a hopeless
endeavour. I have made many trips around China, but Quzhou despite its
rich history at every street turn seems to be wonderfully empty. It’s a
city with extraordinarily rich culture and history woven in almost every
brick that has lost very little of its ancient lustre.

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    I like autumn best because the leaves change colours. When the
leaves change into red, yellow and orange, oh and burgundy, they are
very beautiful. When the leaves fall down, it looks like butterfly
flying in the sky. And the most amazing part is I can make art with the


It was a beautiful chilly Friday morning in Hangzhou with the sky
seemingly beginning to open forming cracks of light in resemblance to
fox’s tail across the horizon; I was up at 5 am and caught the bus to
Hangzhou east train station with a lovely lady from Macedonia by the
name of Martina, an experienced travelling enthusiast in China, who was
also travelling to Quzhou, Zhejiang. Our journey was arranged by Ctrip
and I had a leisurely train ride seated between two friendly Quzhou
locals, enjoying a brief warm chit chat in simple mandarin about Quzhou
and its local foods; they spoke highly about the local cuisine
especially a snack called ‘NianGao’, which I had no idea about and were
kind enough to offer a free tour of the city. I was left with a good
impression of the Quzhou people and was really looking forward to
visiting the city. Time passed as quick as the wind and the journey to
Quzhou took about two hours in total.

Whenever people talk about England, they often focus on London. And
while London is amazing and definitely a must-go on any traveller’s
list, Cumbria is a great destination if you want to see English autumn.
Cumbria is often called the English Lake District. So apart from copper
hills, green and red woodlands and pine trees, you’re also guaranteed
beautiful mirror reflections of autumnal scenery in the multiple lakes
around here.

亚洲必赢官网app( ,    I like autumn because the weather is cool. I mean, the sun is still
shiny, but the weather is not like summer, too hot, not like winter, too
cold that you just want to stay at your warm little bed. It’s just very
comfortable. I can go hiking, or have a picnic with my family in a park.

It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I decided I could finally
afford them. I bought one pair for myself and a pair for my dad. They
cost me like $10,000, but I didn’t care. Some things are priceless,
especially when it fulfills a childhood dream. I wear mine whenever I
can, and they remind me of home. NBA fans know me from my time in the
United States, and from playing internationally for Spain, but I
definitely haven’t forgotten where I from, and I put a lot of my
off-court time and effort into doing things for my native Congo.

Shui Ting Men


    I like autumn because we have the Mid-Autumn Festival in China. That
means no school for a day, and I can go see my grandma, I very miss her.
The most interesting part is, my mom and I always make mooncakes at
home, they are very delicious, you should try one.


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3. Bavaria, Germany 巴伐利亚,德国

      That’s the three reasons that I think autumn is the best season.
Do you like autumn?

After Milan, it was time to visit Paris, a place I love. I have family
there and know the city well. Also, Paris has great Congolese food,
which annoyed my friends because it’s all I wanted to eat. They kept
trying to make reservations at fancy restaurants when all I wanted was a
nice plate of saka saka! Food arguments aside, we were having a great
time. We saw some wonderful museums and shows, and I even ran into new
Chicago Bull (that still sounds odd) Dwyane Wade and the New York
Giants’ Victor Cruz at Palais de Tokyo.

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And so we arrived in Quzhou with a slight drizzle in rain and in timely
fashion a private bus was arranged by Ctrip escorting us to our first
stop, a scenic couple of minutes ride to a place called ‘Shui ting men’
inscribed on the entrance in traditional Chinese writing format which
literally translates to ‘water pavilion gate’ and that’s what you see
when you arrive, literally you can see the gate and water from the
pavilion. The area is absolutely gorgeous and there is a genuine wow
factor displayed in the traditional architecture, with stones that gleam
so wonderfully in the rain; you can see people enjoying their time in
café shops and restaurants decorated with colourful flowers, it’s really
a picturesque stroll throughout the area. I can assure you you’re in for
a real visual treat when you visit this place, blissfully untouristy you
can count on one hand the number of people that are here and it’s a
delight to wonder at will.

What makes Bavaria a great fall travel destination? All the amazing wine
and beer festivals that take place here in the autumn months. Ever
wanted to take part in Oktoberfest? Well this is your chance. It’s also
a great way to see the Alps in the autumn and take a hike to enjoy the
gorgeous views Bavaria has to offer. Speaking of views, did you know
that Bavaria is home to not 1, not 2, but 25 historic Castles? It’s
fairy-tale land, enjoy.


With plenty of museums, temples, and villages to see Quzhou clearly
punches well above its weight culturally. Quzhou geographically is a
place of centrality as a route for trade transportation since ancient
times connecting to 4 different provinces namely; Fujian Province,
Jiangxi Province, Anhui Province and Zhejiang Province, hence the name
of the city Quzhou meaning ‘Grand road’.


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Lan Ke Shan

4. Perthshire, Scotland 佩思郡,苏格兰

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Scotland is known for the beauty of its nature. But Perthshire in
particular is just incredible. It’s often called the Big Trees County.
The views of grassy hills, beautiful yellow and red trees, and the
golden reflections in the lakes are simply breathtaking. If you want to
see autumn in full glory – this is the place to go.

It’s a short ride from Shui Ting Men to Lan Ke Shan a small historical
hill situated in the outskirts of the city which takes about 20 minutes
to get to the top, but takes a little longer if you stop to look at the
green lush views. As someone who loves the wilderness and roughing it,
the going here is quite smooth with clean paths shaded by forest trees
and views of green water ponds with lotus flowers that produced
beautiful tapping ripples of rain that kept my eyes busy.


Following up the path before reaching the hill there’s a lovely surprise
as you’re creeping up dazzled by the red, yellows and orange rusts of
autumn leaves. Then comes probably the best part of the hill; opens a
magnificent smooth cave like arch with massive black circled chess
pieces spread across the ground that seems alien to the surrounding
views. Low and behold I’m informed this place does have a story and was
said to have historical significance in that it was the origin for
‘weiqi’, an extremely difficult form of ancient Chinese chess. The story
behind this place in brief goes that there was once a farmer who was
wondering around the hills and saw 2 Gods playing Chess. He was highly
impressed by the chess playing skills of the gods and saw the Gods
eating dates. The farmer was then given the dates to eat by the Gods.
When the farmer returned to his home he saw that his axe was rotten and
learned that his parents died 100 years ago. Hence the name of the hill
is taken to be ‘Lanke Shan’, the ‘rotten axe hill’. Interestingly, we
were told by the tour guide that the large pieces of chess here were the
heaviest in the world. And so you can guess what we tried to do… move
those chess pieces! All that remained here was going up a stair cased
edge line from this site to the top. The views from there were sublime
though not too high; you could see parts of many other small hills
through the mist of the clouds and from our point you could see some
parts of the path we walked. After a bit we made our way back down as
the wind started to whip into frenzy, the ground became tussocky and the
rain started fall more heavily. Our next stop was to the Nanzong
Confucius Temple.

5. Piedmont, Italy 皮埃蒙特,意大利

Nanzong Confucius Temple

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If you like wine and good food autumn is your peak season for visiting
Italy. Fall is vineyard harvest time so definitely go to Piedmont. They
also have lots of different food festivals in the autumn here, so if you
want to try some mushrooms or truffles, chestnuts or chocolate – Italy
is waiting for you this fall.

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What an amazing museum! If you’re a lover of temples, keen on ancient
Chinese philosophy and have an interest in Confucius who arguably is
perhaps the most important or influential thinker in China then this
place is a must visit for you! The temple is interestingly opposite to a
church and is within five minutes’ walk from the Quzhou Museum and so
there are many historical sites within close vicinity of the temple. A
free tour into the temple requires the recital of the first ten lines of
Lun Yu (a famous work of Kongzi which is often taught in school in
China) by memory. Entry into the temple is a great visit; you can walk
through beautiful gardens, see people paying respects, giving offerings
and praying to a giant Confucius sculpture for his wisdom, and
strikingly you can see the preservation of an original hand-carved stone
picture of what Confucius actually looked like drawn by his students.
The Nanzong Confucius temple, for me ultimately shows that living
memory, legacy and spirit of Kongzi today is as alive as it was
thousands of years ago!

6. Aragon, Spain 阿拉贡,西班牙

Jiang Lang Shan

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People often associate Spain with summer vacations, but they have no
idea that Spain also has a lot to offer in the autumn. The Aragon region
specifically is just amazing this season. It’s a great time to see the
Pyrenean Mountain Range in all its glory, and also see some stunning
waterfalls while you’re at it. If you actually go there, you have to
visit the Monte Perdido National Park – it’s just marvelous in the

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It was said that Xu Xia Ke a famous ancient Chinese travel writer
visited only one place twice in his lifetime, and that was Jianglang
Mountain, though today with access to ease of modern transportation I
reckon I would visit this place more than 5 times! It’s truly a mind
blowing sight as you’re taking the tiring walk up (especially the
staircase gap between two peaks) providing among the most unspoiled
autumnal views in the world, and if you go at the right time in the
morning you’ll catch a beautiful mist creeping down providing an eerie
mystical presence about the place. Legend says about this place that a
beautiful fairy fell in love with 3 boys and because she was from the
celestial realm it wasn’t possible for her to be with the boys. The boys
felt sorrow and year after year looked at the sky, until 3 beautiful
heavenly peaks formed! And I couldn’t take my eyes of the peaks!

7. Loire Valley, France 卢瓦尔河谷,法国

We didn’t manage to ascend to top due to rain but the views of the
countryside and hearing the Buddhist chants are absolutely magical.
Enlisted as a world heritage site I feel very proud to have ticked off
this place on my bucket list of beautiful travel destinations in the

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Qing Yang Wen Hua Cun- Village of Mao’s ancestry

For those of you who want to witness the colorful displays of autumn
with a glass of wine in your hand – Loire Valley is your best
destination. This region of France is famous for its vineyards and late
October is peak season if you want to see all the vineyards in a blaze
or red, orange and golden hues. It’s truly a sight to behold.

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8. Ahornboden, Austria 豪恩博登,奥地利

On the last day we visited ancient village of 1,500 years of history
home to Chairman Mao Ze Dong’s ancestry. The village is renowned for
nurturing great thinkers, intellectuals, wise people, elderly who have
long life-spans and those who have mastery of many dialects of Chinese.
A stroll around the village is glorious with beautiful lanterns hanging
under arches; beautiful antique houses of Mao Ze Dong’s ancestry and the
presence of a family lineage that still continues to flourish to this
very day. And believe it or not we had the good fortune of meeting three
very healthy and active looking elderly ladies (who seemed to be in
their 70s) standing outside their homes having a chit chat among
themselves, be sure to say hi to them, because they are among Mao’s
family members! I requested for a picture with them to which they
defiantly replied in their local dialect “my hair doesn’t look too good
today”. It shows that even the elderly here believe that it’s never too
late to feel young!

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There is really a great energy about the place, make sure you browse the
local streets- there are hand mad wooden toys, beautiful local made
scarves , pottery and artistic ornaments that you’ve never imagined
before. But make sure you do one thing, try this delicious street snack
called ‘Bing’. It’s really delicious and fun to eat as the challenge is
to flip over this snack so that grains stick onto it. I miserably
failed, however the shop owner was kind enough to offer a free taste of
the snack; which I can assure you tastes as sweet as the people of
Quzhou! And not to forget you have to try the home-grown Kiwis here
which are a speciality of Quzhou; hands down they’re the best kiwi I’ve
ever tasted!

Ahornboden is located in the Silver Region of Austria, 4000 feet up in
the Alps and it’s surrounded by mountain peaks. That should really be
enough to convince you to go there. Can you imagine the beauty of this
place? Autumn in the Alps – it’s freaking magical. Also, since most
people travel to the Alps in the winter – autumn is a bargain season and
you can get great deals if you decide to go.

Pictures really don’t do justice, you have to see this place with your
own eyes and marvel at the beauty of Quzhou with over 1,800 years of
history with ancient traditions preserved to this very day. The
villages, mountains and natural scenic spots have very few people,
maintain an authenticity in character and are a great place to switch
off the worry circuits of the mind. You can really relax and enjoy the
views of stars at night. Quzhou has definitely become one of my most
favourite places in the world to visit and I can’t wait to visit again
and explore more!


Places to stay booked via Ctrip

9. Transylvania, Romania 特兰西瓦尼亚,罗马尼亚

5 star Jin Ling Da Jiu Dian
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Transylvania is shrouded in mystery. For lots of people Dracula and
vampires come to mind at the mention of this place, and while you’re
definitely more than welcome to explore all the gothic castles this
place has to offer, Transylvania can actually be a very idyllic place in
the autumn, with its beautiful medieval architecture, high mountains and
lovely fall foliage.

Nian Ba Da Bian Cheng Ge Du Jia Jiu Dian (Nian Ba Da Village)


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10. Amsterdam, The Netherlands 阿姆斯特丹,荷兰

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Amsterdam is beautiful at any time of the year, but there’s just
something incredibly romantic and picturesque about going on a bike ride
in Amsterdam in the autumn. All the beautiful trees covered in red and
orange leaves, the maze of canals reflecting the golden rays of sun,
beautiful and charming architecture of the houses that stand alongside
the canals. It looks a bit magical in the fall.