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A year-end bonus is a sum of money paid to employees at the end of
the year. It is intended to be motivational tools that encourage
employees to keep goals in mind and take action in their everyday work
to help the company achieve those goals. It’s a delightful thing to
receive, but it can’t always be expected.

Imagine working for an employer who, aware that you’re probably not
sleeping enough at night, allows you to down tools and nap as part of
your regular work duties – and not just forty winks at your desk, but a
restorative snooze in a quiet room.

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日本集团也是操碎了心,消除爱沙尼亚语长难句。年底奖是年终集团发放给职员和工人的一笔款项(a sum of money
旨在(intended to

Las Vegas, NV — January 25, 2010 — Pacific Timesheet has announced that
it has significantly enhanced its support for California labor rules
such as meal penalty rules and split shift premium rules.



There are some jobs that come with built-in year-end bonuses,
which may be calculated in numerous ways. A bonus could constitute
a percentage of hours billed, a percentage of sales, or a
percentage of the company’s profits for the year. The bonus is
actually subject to many different forms of calculation, and some may
be based on what the company can afford, how many years the
employee has worked for a company, or on merit.


These are some of the measures being used by a growing number of
companies in Japan to counter an epidemic of sleeplessness that costs
its economy an estimated $138bn a year.

Over the summer, employees at a Japanese marketing firm noticed that not
all of their colleagues were working the same number of hours.

many years)年限真滴很适合那种小说,而不是年数

The state of California requires that certain classified non-exempt or
hourly employees are paid a meal penalty equal to one regular hour of
pay if they miss a meal after more than five hours of continuous work.
In addition, California requires employers to pay non-exempt or hourly
employees a premium if the time that lapses between shifts is more than
one hour.



Amount of these bonuses vary too. Employees who’ve worked longer
for a company may get a larger bonus, and those with higher
might get more. Other companies give the same amount to
each employee.


Tech startups have been quickest to address the “sleep debt” among
irritable and unproductive employees.


。工时越长,职分越高(higher standing

Jim Dickerson, VP of Operation stated, “The challenge of complying with
California labor laws is not just how they are defined today. Ongoing
cases each year have made complying somewhat of a moving target.
 Pacific Timesheet’s highly configurable support for complying with
these laws has been an advantage our customers with operations in
California have been looking for.”

科技(science and technology)初创公司是最早接纳措施来缓解职工缺觉难题的。自汗导致职员和工人急躁易怒、生产作用低下。


It’s important to note that this money is subject to taxes as
part of an employee’s pay. Employers may want to make sure each worker
gets a certain amount of “cash in pocket” and may calculate the
taxes on a bonus
so an employee receives a set amount. This isn’t
always the case, and since the bonus constitutes extra money received,
it may be taxed at a higher bracket.


Last year, Nextbeat, an IT service provider, went as far as setting up
two “strategic sleeping rooms” – one for men, the other for women – at
its headquarters in Tokyo. The aroma-infused rooms feature devices that
block out background noise, allowing workers to stretch out on sofas for
an undisturbed kip. Mobile phones, tablets and laptops are banned.


值得注意的是(important to
,那笔奖金是职员和工人薪酬的一部分,急需缴税(subject to
。雇主恐怕希望每名职员和工人都能获得分明数量的“取得奖金(cash in
”,所以会通过总括对奖金征收的税款(the taxes on a bonus
a higher bracket在越来越高的品级,偏正改主谓)。

According to the California Labor Code, “In California, an employer may
not employ an employee for a work period of more than five hours per day
without providing the employee with a meal period of not less than
thirty minutes, except that if the total work period per day of the
employee is no more than six hours, the meal period may be waived by
mutual consent of both the employer and employee. A second meal period
of not less than thirty minutes is required if an employee works more
than ten hours per day, except that if the total hours worked is no more
than 12 hours, the second meal period may be waived by mutual consent of
the employer and employee only if the first meal period was not waived.”



Though year-end bonuses are often given at the end of the year, some
employees receive bonuses at the end of fiscal years, which can
vary by company.


“Napping can do as much to improve someone’s efficiency as a balanced
diet and exercise,” Emiko Sumikawa, a member of the Nextbeat board, told
Kyodo news agency.



Dickerson continued, “Pacific Timesheet provides support for an
unlimited number of rule combinations, which includes rules for
employees who sign a meal penalty waiver and those who do not sign a
meal penalty waiver.” In addition, Pacific Timesheet has provided
support that allows for individual meal penalty overrides or split shift
overrides or waivers with a detailed comment for auditing for
circumstances where the penalty or premium needs to be modified
according to the California labor code.  


原句:Over the summer, employees at a Japanese marketing firm noticed
that not all of their colleagues were working the same number of hours.

Accounting Principals, a leader in the staffing and recruitment of
accounting and finance professionals, today released the results
of its annual Holiday Bonus and Hiring Survey. The survey found
that while bonuses are increasing in value by 66 percent this year,
bonuses overall are becoming more scarce. This year, 63
percent of U.S. HR or hiring managers indicated that their company
plans to give its employees a monetary holiday bonus, down from 75
percent in 2016. Those who get a bonus are seeing the average
anticipated holiday bonus rise to $1,797, compared to $1,081 in 2016
and $858 in 2015.

亚洲必赢官网app(,Pacific Timesheet also provides extensive support for California
overtime rules, including consecutive-day overtime rules.

Nextbeat also asks employees to leave work by 9 pm and to refrain from
doing excessive overtime, which has been blamed on a rising incidence of
karoshi, or death from overwork.

缩句:Over the summer, employees at a Japanese marketing
noticed that not all of their colleagues were working
the same number of hours.

Accounting Principals平台在会计金融专业人士(accounting and finance
professionals)人事招聘(staffing and
Principals宣布了一年一度的年初奖金(annual Holiday



句子主干是: employees

The Accounting Principals Holiday Bonus and Hiring Survey polled more
than 500 U.S. HR and hiring managers, between August 25 and September
6, 2017, and explored company holiday rewards and hiring trends.

About Pacific Timesheet Enterprise

One company even offers financial incentives to persuade its employees
to shun overtime and get to bed at a reasonable hour. Crazy, a wedding
planning company, awards employees who sleep at least six hours a night
with points that can then be exchanged for food in the company
cafeteria. Using an app to monitor their sleep, workers can accumulate
points worth as much as 64,000 yen a year.

从句的主干是:colleagues were working。**




Although over one third of respondents noted their organizations were
not planning to give out bonuses this year, many of these companies
are still giving payouts to their employees in other forms.
The biggest reason listed is that their company intends to provide
other employee perks throughout the year (39 percent). For the
first time, the second most rpopular reason listed was that companies
are giving charitable donations in lieu of a bonus, with over one
third (38 percent) of respondents noting their company plans to give
donations on behalf of employees, compared to just 7 percent
in 2016.

Pacific Timesheet is a leader in providing timesheet software as a
service and time tracking software. Its flagship product, Pacific
Timesheet, provides unprecedented ease-of-use, flexibility and
reliability for time and attendance, time off and absence management,
payroll timesheets and project/job time tracking. Built on platform,
database, and browser-independent technologies that can be implemented
either on-premise or on-demand, Pacific Timesheet provides an
enterprise-ready solution that is easy to use and implement for
companies across the globe.

Japanese workers have more reason than most to submit to the urge for a
daytime snooze, whether at work or during long commutes.

那时大家会发觉,划掉的1些是over the summer,at a Japanese marketing

in other forms)
为员工付出花费(giving payouts
lieu of
(on behalf of 为了
)职员和工人开始展览捐出,而(compared to




In the financial year-ending 2017 (April 2016 to March 2017), the
combined value of all bonuses paid in Great Britain was a record
£46.4 billion, growing by 6.5% on the financial year-ending 2016,
surpassing the previous highest amount seen in the previous
financial year.

The Company is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, and has offices
throughout North America and Europe. Pacific Timesheet is an equal
opportunity employer always in search of talented professionals
interested in the development and application of proven software
technologies. Pacific Timesheet’s Time Management Systems are used by
some of the world’s leading organizations such as Applied Materials, BCD
Travel, Joy Mining, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, NOAA, New
Visions for Public Schools, University of Massachusetts and many more.
If you need additional information about Pacific Timesheet go to
www.pacifictimesheet.com, or call 866-416-2061 ext. 1.

A survey conducted using fitness trackers in 28 countries found that
Japanese men and women sleep, on average, just 6 hours and 35 minutes a
night – 45 minutes less than the international average – making them the
most sleep deprived of all.



the previous highest amount seen in the previous financial year.)。



The financial and insurance activities industry paid the highest
average bonus per employee, at slightly under £14,770, while the
health and social work industry paid the lowest average bonus per
employee at close to zero.

Finnish women, by contrast, sleep almost an hour longer, with an average
of 7.45 hours. Estonians, Canadians, Belgians, Austrians, as well as the
Dutch and French, all get a comparatively decent night’s sleep,
according to the survey.

Over the summer, employees at a Japanese marketing firm noticed that not
all of their colleagues were working the same number of hours.



以此句子中,一眼扫过去,大家会映入眼帘noticed 和were working
是四个谓语动词。它们对应的主语分别是:employees 和 colleagues。

The average bonus per employee at the whole economy level in the
financial year-ending March 2017 has increased to slightly over
£1,600, an increase of 5.3% over the financial year-ending March

A separate poll by the health products maker Fuji Ryoki found that 92.6%
of Japanese over the age of 20 said they were not getting enough sleep.




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The average guaranteed bonus or annual wage supplement (AWS),
received by employees in Singapore, beyond their 12-month salaries, is
approximately 1.45 months, according to Jobstreet.com new Job
and Bonus survey.

Even weary workers whose employers have yet to officially sanction power
naps at least know that resting their head on their desk for a few
minutes probably won’t get them into trouble. Companies generally
tolerate inemuri – or “sleeping while present” – as a demonstration of
their employees’ commitment rather than as a sign of sloth, although
nappers should generally remain seated and avoid appearing too


据求职职业街网址最新发表的工作前景(Job Outlook


  1. About one-third of the people at the company, Piala, were smokers and
    stepped away from their desks during the day for cigarette breaks.
    Despite the time the smokers were away from work, everyone left the
    office for the night at the same time.

  2. Nonsmokers at the agency complained about the unfairness to the chief
    executive, whose response in September has drawn attention in a
    countrywhere tobacco use remains popular and workers take few days off.
    Employees at Piala who did not smoke, the company announced, would be
    rewarded with up to six additional vacation days a year.

  3. Some companies in Japan are adopting tougher rules on tobacco use. A
    life insurance company in Japan recently announced new antismoking
    measures, including a ban on smoking on company property and a plan to
    convert some smoking rooms into other uses.

However, about 30 percent of the respondents stated that they did not
receive any AWS last year. More than 35 percent of respondents did not
receive any performance-based bonus too.

The government has also come to appreciate the personal and professional
benefits of a well-rested workforce, with the health ministry
recommending that all working-age people take a nap of up to 30 minutes
in the early afternoon – advice readily embraced by some of the
country’s politicians.


bonus )


Listed companies and foreign incorporated firms that plan to
give year-end bonuses are expected to award an amount equivalent to
1.82 times monthly salary ahead of the upcoming Lunar New Year
holiday, a survey released by online job bank yes123 showed


2017年12月25日,网上就业银行(online job
和外跨国集团业(foreign incorporated firms

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However, year-end bonuses planned by employers not listed on the
local equity market
will be lower at 1.2 times monthly salary on
average, while the average for listed and unlisted firms combined
is expected to hit 1.45 times monthly salary, according to the


唯独,该侦察展现,未在本地股票商场上市的信用合作社(not listed on the local


According to a survey conducted by Chinese career platform Zhaopin
among 11,500 white collar workers, just over half (50.9%) of
respondents said they did not get any year-end bonus in 2016. In 2015,
that number was even higher at 66%.

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上述是化解土耳其共和国(The Republic of Turkey)语长难句的艺术1:先找谓语动词,然后找主语,从而找到句子的中坚,然后举行整句精晓。

Those who did get a bonus were given an average of 12,821 yuan, and
39.5% received it by the end of 2016. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the
finance and real estate/construction industries offered the highest
average year-end bonuses 17,241 yuan and 16,839 yuan respectively.




Location wise, workers in Beijing were best off with an average
bonus of 15,846 yuan.


Employees’ satisfaction with their bonuses remained at a low level of
2.18 out of 5. Employees with less than one year’s experience were
most satisfied (2.45) due to relatively low expectations.

职员和工人对奖金的知足度保持在贰.二非常的低端次,满分为5分(out of