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  大作文话题类型:1. 社会现象类; 2. 抽象品质及社会问题类

  大作文图片类型:1. 柱形图; 2. 曲线图、统计表格、饼形图

亚洲必赢626aaa.net ,英语一

  the picture symbolically depicts that six lovely children from
different countries with different ethnicities get together and play
games happily in a world of harmony. It is quite obvious that the drawer
wishes to draw our attention to the most favorable social phenomenon
that cultural exchanges are gaining worldwide popularity。

  预测话题包括:1. 网络类(网购、微博、微信等新现象);2.
抽象品质类(梦想与行动、创新、 坚持等)3.

  预测话题包括:1. 网络类(网购、微博、微信等新现象);2.


  There are, to my mind, several reasons accounting for this
phenomenon of the picture. For one thing, cultural exchanges can enhance
international friendship, and people can acquire better understanding of
each other. Through cultural exchanges, they can learn of different
peoples around the world, what they believe in, how they lead their
daily life,and their traditions and customs. For another,cultural
exchanges can also greatly benefit the countries involved That is
because countries can share their achievements with each other to
stimulating their own social progress and cultural prosperity。




  Based on the above reasons, I hold that worldwide cultural exchange
is beneficial to all countries involved. As for China, the open door
policy has greatly promoted the Chinese civilization to the entire world
and vice versa. Therefore, I can firmly conclude that in the long run,
cultural exchanges will contribute to a flourishing Chinese and global
economy, as well as diversified cultures。













20一五报考硕士临考意大利语贰作文终极预测,作文珍视话题权威预测【亚洲必赢626aaa.net】。  What is subtly demonstratedin the above drawing is that in front of
a desktop sits a fashionablelady who is staring at the screen with
shocked expression wearing on cheeks andhuge sweat dropping from her
forehead. What is spit from the computer is thelengthy Alipay bill,
which can almost be spread as long as two meters. Thecaption above reads
that you should keep away from Taobao and cherish yourincome.  

亚洲必赢626aaa.net 1作文素材



  The objective of the drawer is to show usthat utmost attention
should be paid to shopping online, which has exertedprofound impact on
the daily life of the average individuals. We can easilyrecognize its
advantages as follows: e-commerce, which is extremely convenient, can
save us a great amount ofprecious time and we can buy products
everywhere we want as long as we can surfonline. However, for all the
advantages mentioned above, online trading isby no means without its
limitations as listed below: we may be cheated bysome online retailers,
which might be a potential threat to our bank accounts。

  What is explicitlydemonstrated in the above chart is the sales
changes of online shopping indomestic market over the period from 2011
to 2015. The turnover of e-commerce


  As is profoundly depicted in the pie chart, we can come to a
conclusion that a number of factors are responsible for a person’s
choosing where he resides, we can see clearly from the pie chart that
opportunities and the living cost account for a larger proportion of the
total. However, at the same time, the other factors, such as income,
living conditions, social connections and competition can not be
neglected either。

  Accordingly, it isimperative for us to take drastic measures. For
one thing, we should appeal tothe authorities to make strict
legislations to severely punish those who deliberatelyspoil the
interests of online customers. For another, we should enhance
theawareness of residents that rational purchasing is conducive to
ourincome management. Only in this way can we maximize the merits and
minimizethe demerits of online purchasing。

  saw a substantial gain from approximately 800 billion in 2011 to


  Currently, an increasing number of people do their utmost to swarm
into the big cities, it is universally-held that there prove to be a
number of reasons to be responsible for this social issue, in the first
place, compared with the rural areas, the big cities usually offer more
and better opportunities. What is more, to live in big cities is likely
to widen our scope, which will be instrumental in our study as well as
work. However, there exist a factor of significance that should be taken
into account seriously, due to the soaring prices, especially the
housing price, and the mounting inflationary, people living in big
cities are compelled to live under huge pressure。

  大作文预测话题二:抽象品质类(梦想与行动、创新、 坚持等)

  2500 billion in 2014. Surprisingly, it is predicted that the figure
willcontinue to soar dramatically to roughly 3400 billion in2015.


  In terms of the issue discussed above, the government concerned
should do a great job with regard to administrative decision-making and
support-measures, what is more, the nation as a whole should do whatever
they can to create a happy and harmonious environment for its people。

  Wise people used to say that taking actions is ofutmost significance
in our daily life. This is most vividly illustrated in thegiven picture,
which shows that two young boys both holding guitar are playing
different lifesituations. The boy on the left is daydreaming about the
day he gives a perfectconcert and is admired by all the fans, while the
boy on the right ispracticing the guitar and singing skill

  We can easily recognize itsadvantages as follows: e-commerce, which
isextremely convenient, can save us a great amount of precious time and
we canbuy products everywhere you want as long as we can surf online.
However, forall the advantages mentioned above, online trading is by no
means without itslimitations as listed below: we may be cheated by some
online retailers,which might be a potential threat to our bank



  Studying it further, it is easy tofigure out that taking actions is
the only way to fulfill our dream. Ourcountry, for example, has
developed rapidly in terms of economy andscience and technology. We have
accomplished in about two decades what otheremerging countries used to
achieve in a century. There is no denying that itis the perseverance and
taking actions that really realize the promise theymade. If you never
take action to do something, you will never have achance to win. For
example, a great number of students choose to take partin the National
Entrance Exam for master’s degree. However, those who dreamedof becoming
the postgraduates without taking any actions are even tremble atthe
thought of taking the exam, most of them are escaping the classroom
whenthe first exam is over。

  Accordingly, it isimperative for us to take drastic measures. For
one thing, we should appeal tothe authorities to make strict
legislations to severely punish those who deliberately spoil
theinterests of online customers. For another, we should enhance the
awarenessof residents that rational purchasing is conducive to our
incomemanagement. Only in this way can we maximize the merits and
minimize thedemerits of online purchasing。


  As is shown by the two graphs above, the average price of eggs was
on the rise from 1990 to 1995 and the demand for them increased
correspondingly. The graphs also indicate that during the period from
1995 to 2000 the price eggs declined, and so did the demand. The
phenomenon is quite strange and worth studying. According to the law of
market economy, the increase in demand results in higher prices. That
is to say, when prices climb, the demand decreases, and when prices
fall, the demand grows. Now the reality was just the other way round。

  In a word, I believe, just like ForrestGump said: “Life is like a
box of chocolates:you neverknow what you’re gonna get. ” Unless you
have theawareness that action speaks louder than the word。



  The reasons for this strange phenomenon are obvious. During the
period from 1990 to 1995 with the development of our socialist market
economy people’s income, bonus and different kinds of benefits,
increased rapidly. Though the price of eggs rose gradually, the demand
for them grew sharply, too. On the other hand, when the demand for
eggs reached a certain point, it stopped rising because people began to
spend more and more money on clothing, recreations and tours round the
country and even round the world. It is generally assumed that the
expenses for tours accounted for a great part of the total consumption
of the people in our country from 1995 to 2000. As a result, it seemed
reasonable that the demand for eggs declined during the same period of


亚洲必赢626aaa.net 2作文素材


  As far as I’m concerned, with the domestic poultry farming
continuing to develop, the price of eggs is likely to decline because
the demand for them is limited and the fall in consumption of them is
also inevitable。

  (Common asit is, it has deep implication). As isvividly shown in the
cartoon, at least five patients are staying in onehospital who are
injured because of jay-walking, driving after drinking anddisregarding
of the laws. If we take a closer watch, it is of littledifficulty to
find that one police is patiently explicating thetraffic laws to one
injured person, standing at a wheel chair which is pushedby one nurse。

  Here is a table, telling us an interesting phenomenon. Thereis no
doubt that the table displays accidents in one Chinese city. Asis
clearly depicted, drivers turning left without due care cause the
mostaccidents in this city and the percentage of drivers driving under
theinfluence of alcohol enjoys the biggest rise in 2005. Obviously,
thedifference manifested by the table should be given more concern。



  There is no doubt that it describes acommon phenomenon in our
society that trafficproblems are more and more severe and what might
trigger this affair? (For mypart, the following two are of utmost
importance。) Forone part, the general public have failed to realize the
importance of abiding bythe traffic regulations and laws(and a bigdeal
of the attention  have been distracted by the so-called“great affair”).
Once somedrivers easily disregard the traffic signals, so do other
drivers who intend toobey the laws. Moreover, the current state of
affairs depictedin the drawing, may have been encouraged, though not
justified, by the lack ofsevere legal penalty. If someone does
disorderly parking ordrives under the influence of alcohol, the
punishment is not so harsh that thedrivers could afford to learn a heavy
lesson from the fine as to never do itagain . (If we let this situation
continue as it is, ultimately,our society will suffer a great

  What might trigger this affair? For onepart, the general public have
failed to realize the importance of abiding bythe traffic regulations
and laws (and a big deal of the attention have been distracted by the
so-called “great affair”。) Once some driverseasily disregard the
traffic signals, so do other drivers who intend to obeythe laws.
Moreover, the current state of affairs depicted in the drawing,may have
been encouraged, though not justified, by the lack of severe


  As can be clearly observed from the chart above, the trend of
Chinese traveling abroad is going up these years. In the past three
years, the number of Chinese traveling abroad was on a steady rise.
According to the chart, the number increased from 7.5 million in 1999 to
10 in 2000 and to 12.1 million in 2001.

  It isadvisable for us to take steps to reverse this current evil
trend. On one hand,we should cultivate the awareness of people that
everyoneneeds to reflect on his or her uncivilized conducts and
strengthen hisself-discipline. On the other hand, it is high time
thatmore severe and sound laws and regulations should be introduced to
harness andcurb this matter. Only in this way, can we crack the hard nut
and embrace abright future。

  It is advisable for us to take steps toreverse this current evil
trend. On one hand, we should cultivate the awarenessof people .On the
other hand, it is high time that more severe and sound lawsand
regulations should be introduced to harness and curb this matter. Only
inthis way, can we crack the hard nut and embrace a bright future。

  The picture vividly depicts that three young students are flying in
the sky. With a bag on the back, each of them is holding a huge book
entitled “Studying Abroad”. The caption reads, “Going abroad for studies
is enjoying a striking popularity nowadays”。

  I assume that there are at least three main/primary/fundamental
reasons/causes/factors accounting for the above mentioned changes. First
and foremost, the changes are primarily concerned with the income of
Chinese. They are better off and can afford to travel abroad. What’s
more, they have a lot to do with the development of the travel industry
in China. Travel agencies in growing/increasing/expanding/mounting
numbers are attracting more people to join in their tours abroad. Last
but no the least, the changes are closely related to our policy of
opening up to the outside world。


亚洲必赢626aaa.net 3作文素材

  The purpose of the cartoon is to show us that importance should be
attached to studying abroad. First and foremost, living and studying
abroad offers students a different perspective of the world. On a
university campus, international students are likely to encounter their
counterparts from various countries and areas and are exposed to diverse
ideas and values. What is more, overseas experience is the best
opportunity for the real–life use of foreign languages. There is no
better opportunity to improve second–language skills than living in the
country in which it is spoken。

  From what has been discussed so far, it is obvious that the rise in
the number of Chinese traveling abroad is of great concern to our life.
It reflects the improvement of our living standards and the development
of our economy。

  A thought-provoking dialogue between themother elephant and her own
child appears in the first picture. Having growinghis teeth, the young
elephant is eager to share the exciting news with hismother. However,
after repeating his words several times, there is still noresponse
coming from the mother. Meanwhile, the attractive caption in thesecond
photo reads: no trade, no kill。


  Generally speaking, it is my view that although going abroad is
expensive and perhaps painful, the payoff is worthwhile. In the first
place, in addition to knowledge, overseas students can gain precious
experiences that those who stay at home will never have. Furthermore,
overseas experience, frustrating and painful as it may be, is conducive
to the growth of adolescents. Accordingly, the difficulty, coupled with
the frustration brought by culture shock, is a rewarding treasure for
one’s future life and development of personality。


  The abovepictures unveil a hazard posed to wildlife due to the
expandingscale of world commercial hunting. At least two fundamental
factors couldcontribute to this phenomenon. The industry of commercial
hunting haveundergone a booming expansion (along with the growing public
awareness of themerits of wildlife, which makes/), making hunting
unusually profitable. Worsestill, lacking knowledge regarding the
significance of ecological balance,

  As is seen from the two graphs, it is clear that with the
rapidgrowth of U.S. population from 1800 to 1990, the number of
itswildlife species no longer existing soared during the same period.
Naturally,we can draw the conclusion that the sharp decline of wildlife
speciesresulted from the population growth。


  As can be seen from the above charts, some important changes have
taken place in the past years with regard to the employment of
university graduates. In 1992, about 50% of the university graduates
found suitable positions in state-owned firms, while only 18% of them
were working in private firms. However, in 2002, private firms took
almost 50% of graduate, while only 15% of them were willing to work in
state-owned firms。

  some people take the gun to chase animals insatiably (and thus cause
asevere threat to all life in the world). Apparently, this trend will
surelyin turn endanger humankind in the long run。

  At leastthree fundamental factors could contribute to this
phenomenon. To begin with,


  It is no difficult job for us to come up with some possible factors
that underlie the above changes. In the first place, most state-owned
firms were still operated under planned economy, whose economic
condition was not as good as expected. Therefore, fewer and fewer
university graduates wanted to find jobs in state-owned firms. In the
second place, private firms were run under market-oriented economy.
There were flexible systems in private firms, in which university
graduates were more likely to apply what they had learned in school to
their work. Thus they could have more chances to be promoted, as they
were willing to work in private firms。


  as the population grows, people consume much more naturalresources,
which often leads to excessive hunting. To continue, withthe increase of
human activities, modern people take up more andmore space, which has an
undesirable impact on other species. Finally,

  As is vividly portrayed in the drawing above, a milk salesman is
promoting a bottle of milk, which is marked with “next year” as its
production date. The drawing mirrors a common social phenomenon and is
really thought-provoking。

  From what has been discussed so far, I think that the employment
situation in the state-owned firms won’t change much so long as the
state-owned firms don’t change their system. And it can be predicted
that the present situation will continue for quite a while in the near

  the problem of pollution becomes more and more serious with the
developmentof modern industry. More and more animals have to adapt
themselves to thedecaying environment or move to a totally different
place, but not all of themare fortunate enough to survive the changes. 

  The aim of the painter of the drawing is to reveal the fact of
credibility crisis which is getting increasingly serious in our modern
society. Credibility crisis should be the uppermost in our thoughts.
Otherwise, our society is bound to deteriorate. Living in our society,
people will suffer instead of enjoying the civilization and happiness of
modern society because the society is filled with dishonesty and
deception. Fu yang milk powder is a case in point. The fake milk powder
killed many innocent babies, which has cast doubt on the credibility of
human beings. It is not hard to spot cases of such kind in the field of
education, medicine, accounting, entertainment, etc。

4 5

  Solving this problemcalls for, above all, the government’s efforts
to control population growth,

  Counter-measures to deal with credibility crisis should be taken so
as to return people a safe place to live in and to ensure people a
healthy society. Most importantly, laws must be established to severely
punish those who misbehave in terms of credibility。


  to decrease industrial pollution and to enhance the laws to
forbidwildlife hunting. Moreover, common citizens should be aware of
thisecological crisis and take on the responsibility of wildlife



  In a word, only when the government and the common people make joint
effortscan we hope to find a satisfactory solution to protect wildlife.

  As is vividly revealed in the drawing above, a man is asking himself
which way to take. The unavoidable way to success is teeming with cacti
which represent hardship and challenge. What is conveyed in the drawing
is most thought-provoking and worth discussing among the general public,
especially young people。



  The main purpose of the painter of the drawing can be briefly
analyzed in the following two aspects. To begin with, “No pains, no
gains” should always be our life and work. All of us are eager to be
successful in whatever we do. However, some people are not industrious
and try to find a short-cut success. In fact, only those who are
hard-working and brave enough to encounter difficulties of all sorts are
most likely to reach the summit of success. What’s more, an objective
attitude should be maintained. In terms of our life, work and study, we
will meet lots of trials. We must always face reality and have a second
thought before we make our final decision. Success is also a process and
needs to be realized step by step. As a proverb goes “Rome was not built
within a day”. In short, hard-working spirit and a realistic attitude
lead to success。


  In my view, some necessary measures should be taken so as for us to
have a good understanding of success. On the one hand, a national
education campaign should be made to help people realize importance of
hard-working spirit. Only in these ways can we live in a harmonious and
healthy society。

  Write a letter toyour university canteen, making suggestions for
improving its service. Youshould write about 100 words on ANSWER SHEET


  Dear Sir or Madam,

  How vivid the cartoon it is! What the profound cartoon reflects is a
not uncommon social phenomenon, from which we can observe that there
proves to a subway accident, which results in a number of injuries。

  I am a student of our university, whooften have meals in our
canteen. Generally speaking, our canteen providesquite good food.
However, I still have some suggestions for you to makeour canteen more
popular among students。

  It is universally acknowledged that the above-mentioned cartoon
truly demonstrates a social issue which is becoming more and more
popular currently. What prove to be the underlying reasons for it? 
Without any doubt, a number of reasons stated as follows can be taken to
account for it. First and foremost, the relevant government organs do
not do their utmost to give sufficient emphasis on this issue, more
importantly, with regard to the due punishment to those who go against
the law, they are not severely implemented and conducted。

  To begin with, I wonder whether you could provide more varieties of
food. We do nothave many options when eating in our canteen now. To
continue, somestudents have complained about the price of the food
there, would you please

  In line with my personal perspective, some effective measures should
be implemented to put an end to this issue, then, what counter-measures
should be taken into account seriously?  On the one hand, governments
concerned should do their utmost to make rigorous laws and regulations
in this regard, on the other hand,  the society as a whole should
enhance their public awareness, only if we have these measures adopted ,
can we resolve it in a complete and successful manner!

  lower it down?


  I do hope to have a better canteen. And I would be highly gratefulif
you could take my suggestions into consideration。


  Yours sincerely,


  Li Ming




  Suppose you have accepted Mr. Zhang’s invitation todinner, but you
have to change your plan for some reasons. Write a letter inabout 100
words to make an apology to him。


  Dear Mr. Zhang,


  Isincerely thank you for inviting me to dinner in yourhouse next


  However,now, much to my regret that I may not be able to keepmy
promise because I have just been caught serious cold, which requiresme
to take a rest for a long time. And I apologize for any
inconveniencethis may cause you. If I get better during this time, I
will be there ontime。