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【China Daily】Program powers up nuclear experts

Economist工学人,但学习开支也涨了亚洲必赢官网app(:。Overseas students

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France has announced plans to simplify visa procedures, reform tuition
fees and boost English courses at French universities in an effort to
more than double the number of foreign students over the next decade.



为在现在10年旅长留学生人数扩展一倍以上,法国政党以来公布了简化签证程序、改进大学学习开销、以及在大学提供更加多斯洛伐克共和国(The Slovak Republic)语课程等措施。

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How to ruin a global brand

US enrollment of international students declined for the second year in
a row, sending waves of unease across American colleges and
universities, which see students from abroad as a buffer against the
falling number of US high-school students graduating each year.

Unveiling the new measures on Monday, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe
said increasing the number of foreigners studying in the country would
help build French influence overseas.

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A Sino-French program run by Sun Yat-sen University and the alliance for
civil nuclear engineering education in France held a graduation ceremony
on Monday for its first 72 master’s degree graduates, who are expected
to be a driving force in China’s fast-developing nuclear industry.

Foreign students are going off English universities

The number of new international students enrolling at American
institutions fell by 6.6% during the 2017-18 academic year, on top of a
3.3% decline the year before, according to a report by the Institute of
International Education released Tuesday.

Home to centuries-old universities such as the Sorbonne in Paris and
some leading business schools, France is the world’s top non-English
speaking student destination, but it ranks behind the United States,
Britain and Australia.

The alliance consists of four higher education schools and the
technological research institute under the national supervisor of
nuclear safety.


亚洲必赢官网app(,BRITAIN’S private schools are one of its most successful exports. The
children of the well-heeled flock to them, whether from China, Nigeria
or Russia: the number of foreign pupils rose by 1.4% in the last year
alone. One headmaster recently asked a room full of pupils whether they
flew business class to Britain. Only a few hands went up, suggesting
they were not quite as cosseted as he had thought. Then a boy explained:
many of the pupils fly first class instead. 


Yet foreign students, whether educated in British private schools or
elsewhere, are decreasingly likely to go to English universities.
According to the Higher Education Funding Council for England, 307,200
overseas students began their studies in the country in 2012-13, down
from 312,000 two years earlier and the first drop in 29 years. Student
numbers from the rest of the EU fell—probably a result of the increase
in annual tuition fees in England from 6,000 (10,000) a year to 9,000.
But arrivals from India and Pakistan declined most sharply.

较于上一学年的 31.2 万人,在 2011-13 学年选拔在苏格兰大学学习的留学生唯有 30.72 万人,那是 29 年来人数首降。而且欧盟中任何国家的留学生人数也在
降低,极有异常的大希望是遇到了大不列颠及英格兰联合王国每年的学习成本从 6,000 (10,000)扩展到 9,000 的影

In contrast to the visa regime for private schools, which is extremely
lax (the Home Office counts private schools as favoured sponsors)
student visas have been tightened. Foreign students used to be allowed
to work for up to two years after graduating. They now have only four
months to find a job paying upwards of 20,600 if they want to stay in

20,600 的干活。

This change was intended to deal with sham colleges that were in effect
offering two-year work visas. But it seems to have put off serious
students too. Nick Hillman of the Higher Education Policy Institute says
the government has sent unclear messages about the sort of immigration
it wants to restrict. An emphasis on holding down net immigration deters
young Indians and Pakistanis in particular. Australia and America, which
have more relaxed entry criteria for students, are becoming more
favoured destinations. Colin Riordan, Cardiff University’s
vice-chancellor, adds that Britain’s student-visa regime has become more
onerous and fiddly overall.

United Kingdom的学习者签证制度变得更加的严峻复杂。

As a result, Britain is losing out to other countries in the contest for
talent—an oddity, given how often the prime minister bangs on about the
“global race”. Its unwelcoming stance will harm its long-term prospects.
And the drift of foreign students from leading British private schools
to American colleges may have another, somewhat happier, consequence:
America might become rather better at cricket.

即便英首相数次重申“全世界竞争”,可United Kingdom却在人才竞争上战胜了另海外家,
多么令人感叹的结果。它不通人情的态势将会有损它现在的前景。留学生放弃U.K.私立高校而转用U.S.的大学或许带来别的二个多少令人愉悦的结果:United Kingdom的板



Having completed six years of study, the graduates received nuclear
engineer certificates that are acknowledged by the French government.

The drop takes the number of new students back to the level seen three
or four years ago.

The number of foreign students at French universities fell by 8.5
percent between 2011 and 2016 and the country has seen increased
competition from Germany, Russia, Canada and China, the prime minister’s
office said.

The Sino-French Institute of Nuclear Engineering and Technology in
Zhuhai, Guangdong province, was founded in 2009, aiming to meet China’s
urgent demand for talent in new energies such as nuclear power.



It now has more than 500 students.

At the University of Central Missouri, foreign enrollment surged to 2600
in 2016 before plummeting to just 650 this year, according to data
obtained by The AP.

“Many countries are already building global attractivity strategies,
linking studies, the job market, tourism, which explains the influence
of Asia or monarchies in the Gulf,” Philippe told reporters as he
presented the government’s “Welcome to France” plan.

France is strong in nuclear technology and has been cooperating with
China since the Dayawan nuclear plant in Shenzhen 30 years ago.



“As an important player in globalization, China will certainly cooperate
with foreign partners, including France, to develop the new generation
of nuclear power technology. I believe that IFCEN graduates will make
great contributions to the process,” said French Ambassador to China
Maurice Gourdault-Montagne, who attended the graduation ceremony.

At Purdue University, one of the nation’s biggest hubs for international
students, total foreign enrollment fell by 2 percent this year.

“In this field just as in other economic ones, the world’s balance of
power is shifting. That’s why we need to welcome more foreign students,”
he added

“IFCEN graduates will become China’s elite nuclear engineers in the
future, managing the country’s nuclear power stations and pushing
forward technological innovation,” he said.



The Sino-French institute has a busy curriculum to get students prepared
in language and professional skills.

Meanwhile, the total number of international students in the US plus
those working here on a student visa rose by just 1.5% this year. That
was down from average annual growth of 6.1% over the past decade, a
period during which enrollment of international students doubled.

Philippe said the number of courses taught in English, which have been
increased fivefold since 2004, would be further boosted.

The final three years of the program adopt the French training model for
engineers, with teachers sent from French partners and experts in
nuclear enterprises invited to give lectures.



Students need to accomplish three rounds of internships during this
phase, progressing from blue-collar jobs to tasks as an engineer.

International enrollment fell by 4 percent following the Sept. 11
attacks in 2001, according to data provided by the institute.

More French classes will also be on offer for foreign students and
student visa applications will be made available online.

Students can choose to graduate with a bachelor’s degree after finishing
four years of study, but most of them endeavor to get a master’s degree.



Most of the 72 IFCEN graduates have landed a job at China General
Nuclear Power Corporation, a leading clean energy company headquartered
in Shenzhen.

Similar to previous years, the largest numbers of students came from
China, India and South Korea, which together made up 56.1 percent of all
international students.


Three of the remaining signed contracts with Electricite de France and
two with AREVA, both major nuclear power enterprises in France.


Under the plan, France will simplify student visa regulations but will
also increase tuition fees for students outside the European Economic
Area in order to be able to provide better facilities. Despite the
increase, fees will still be much lower than in Britain and other
neighboring countries.

Six graduates will pursue a PhD.

The US is also losing students to English-speaking countries such as
Canada, Australia and the UK, which have all seen growth in the past


“IFCEN has built an international platform for us and provides
diversified career choices,” said student Li Yang.

在招收国际学生方面,United States还输给了加拿大、澳大雷克雅未克联邦(Commonwealth of Australia)和大不列颠及英格兰联合王国等波兰语国家,过去一年,这么些国家的留学生数量都在巩固。

From March 2019, foreign graduates with a French master’s degree will be
able to get a residence visa to look for work or set up a business in

“I had the opportunity to work at the French Alternative Energies and
Atomic Energy Commission for my graduation practice, which helped me win
a full scholarship for my Ph.D. studies in France,” Li said.

Canada reported a 20 percent jump in 2017, while Australia saw a 12
percent increase.


加拿大二〇一七年的留学生人数增进了十分三,澳大佛罗伦萨联邦(Commonwealth of Australia)巩固了12%。

“We are constantly compared, audited, judged among 10 other possible
destinations. In an age of social media, no one can rest on its
reputation only,” Philippe said.

Students from abroad are still flocking to the coasts, but are less
interested in the South and Midwest.



French officials said current fees of around 170 a year for a
bachelor’s degree in France or 243 for a master’s – the same as those
paid by French students.



Several factors are driving the decrease. Visa and immigration policy
changes by the Trump administration have deterred some international
students from enrolling, college administrators and immigration analysts

From September 2019, non-European students will be charged 2,770
annually to study for a bachelor’s degree and 3,770 a year for a
master’s and PhDs.



A strong dollar has made US college tuition relatively more expensive,
Canadian and European universities are competing fiercely for the same
students and headlines about mass shootings also may have deterred some
students, said Allan Goodman, president of IIE.

“That means France will still subsidize two thirds of the cost of their
studies,” Philippe said. “And the fees will remain well below the 8,000
to 13,000 charged by the Dutch or the tens of thousands of pounds paid
in Britain,” he added.



“Everything matters from safety, to cost, to perhaps perceptions of visa
policy,” Goodman said.


“We’re hearing that they have choices. We’re hearing that there’s
competition from other countries.”


The shift is due to a combination of politics, geography and branding,
said Alejandra Sosa Pieroni, an international recruitment expert with
Ruffalo Noel Levitz, a company that consults with colleges to improve


“Students are not feeling welcome in some states, so they are looking
beyond those states and heading to places where they will feel welcome,”
she said.



Foreign students are big business: They pumped $42 billion into US
college and university coffers in the 2017-18 school year alone.

国际学生给United States民代表大会学带来了大笔收入:仅在2017-18学年,他们就为美利坚同联盟各大学进献了420亿美金(约合2916亿元人民币)。

International students have become an important funding source for
American colleges as traditional revenue sources, such as state funding,
come under pressure. Most undergraduate foreign students do not qualify
for need-based financial aid and must pay close to full tuition and fees
to attend US schools.


Carol Spradling, director of the school of computer science at Northwest
Missouri State University, said international enrollment began declining
precipitously two years ago, following a “perfect storm” that included
President Trump’s election with his tough talk on immigration and the
shooting of an Indian immigrant worker in Olathe, Kan. The downturn, she
said, had a huge impact on her school’s finances.


The report also found that the number of US students studying abroad
ticked up by 2 percent last year, continuing eight years of slow but
steady growth. Europe remained the top destination, followed by Latin
America and Asia.