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Never neg

Ten years of Friends

​​ ​​ ​✸✸When you spot someone you fancy across a crowded
room,mustering upthe courage to go over to them is only half the
battle – what will you say once you’re there?​

 For Sanji. All his features are what I appreciate, such as, his blond
hair, his costume, hair style, smoking, good cooking skill, and the like
.His clothing, at first, will render people a misleading impression that
he is a gentleman. However, he is a real libertine and he always can’t
help staring at beautiful women .As soon as he sees pretty young ladies
he will immediately come up and address them with high compliment. But I
still think he is cool, not the kind of Zoro’s style. Zoro sometimes
brings a cold feeling to me, while Sanji are liable to give me a
pleasant and warm sensation .He is such an disingenuous man that he
frequently pretends to be strong outside, actually he is tender inward
with a delicate heart, which can be spotted when he left the restaurant
on the sea .He shed tears when Jiji asked he to take good care of
himself. This scene also moved me. When he makes his mind to seek the
all blue and join in Luffy’s group, it is really exciting .I am looking
forwarding what will happen in their voyage.
From episode 33: I realize that Luffy is a determined man—–as long as
he sets his mind to do something, he will accomplish it. Therefore, I
hold firmly that he will find ONE PIECE. There are some precious
qualities with Luffy which I admire extremely, such as he has his own
judgment, his trust in his friends, his benevolence, and the like. Once
he made his conclusion, others’suggestion can’t be accepted. It appears
he is a bit ego at first, however, as the plot goes, I find most of his
decisions are right and I begin to be one of his followers , like Zoro
who takes stock in Luffy completely and recognizes him as captain. Naïve
as Luffy appears to be outside, he is smart when judging from true or
false. When he was told Nami has betrayed them, he even didn’t listen to
the explanation, because he has faith in her. Sanji is also something
like Luffy, at times, what he thinks is different from what he
From episode 86: When Chopper first appeared in my sight, my impression
was that: how lovely the reindeer is, so cute, and I am fond of him. I
didn’t feel anything weird about him and didn’t realize he has a blue
nose until people mentioned it. What I thought about his appearance was
the color of his clothing fitted well with his pink hat and blue nose.
Nothing was discordant. Just like a little child, he appeared to be a
bit shy and unable to control his temper well. Then the story between
Doctor and Chopper began. Kind as Doctor, no one in the country could
understand him. The same experience shared by Doctor and Chopper
connected them together. Doctor treated Chopper as his son and they
lived a happy life before Doctor’s death. Although Doctor died, his
spirit will last forever, for Chopper will succeed the spirit. As long
as someone remembers him, he is still alive in the world.
From episode 148:Zoro showed his trust to Luffy once again. They are
beaten by Bellamy’s group but didn’t fight back. At first, I was very
confused about the motivation of such reactions. Then there came the
flashbacks of Shanks and Ace, who were treated as Luffy’s aim. That made
me gets their intention. Another important person appeared in this
episode—Marshall D Teach. He commented this battle that Luffy’s group
was the winner and said something sounded very reasonable. I thought he
would be Luffy’s friends and do them a favor when they were in trouble
later. However, as plot developed, it proved I was wrong.
From episode 210: Chopper was chosen by Foxy because Luffy’s group lost
in the game. Chopper was so cute that I can’t help smiling when he was
crying, but there were also some worries. The sight of his tears made my
heart ache, but I deeply believed Luffy would bring Chopper back, just
as they all had faith in him. Chopper looks like a child and actually he
is, which make us give more care to him. He often cried for some little
thing and as timid as Usopp, but I can tell his adamancy in his heart.



​1) muster up 英 [ˈmʌstə ʌp]   美 [ˈmʌstɚ ʌp] 鼓起;召集,振作

Negging – a favourite of pickup artists and other shady characters – is
basically an insult disguised as a compliment.

I have every reason to say that I love Friends so, so much. No one knows
what this excellent work left in my heart when I had watched the whole
ten parts over. Me? Neither. Every time when I have a absolute hard time
in the unbearable boring he-teaching you-listening class or be
embarrassed in front of my dear friends, I overlooked the six
unbelievable geniuses, think for a while, then I repack my love and
confidence for life and find that true meaning of friendship is that
they are laughing, not my fake comfort.

Where can we muster up more soldiers?


      There are no doubts that they are amazing. So many interesting and
funny things have been taken place between them, phoebe’s incredible
talent for definitely weird fun which I appreciate most, Rachel’s beauty
with pretty lovable ways of talking, Monica’s harsh attitude for
everything that make her unpopular forever, while you are really prone
to do as she told you to, and let me say that is a damn kind of charm
leading to great Chandler love for her, Ross’dinosaurs? Haha, he is a
little too much hypocritical but 100% cute, sexy and? Strong, ha, Joey
baby who is a very terrible actor but surly he has a kind and pure
heart, yes, he slept with too many women, however, how a hot girl can
ignore him when he show his “ how are you doing?”, Chandler is
certaintly worth of each of my respect for the gift to make jokes which
are fresh to me ,for that is not Chinese style but very American enough,
that is new, I want to know and learn all the ways of making people
laugh aloud or sweetly, no matter where they come from or which rank
they are in……


You may not mean to neg a woman, but a compliment might veer into that
territory. For example: ‘You look so cute! My gran has the exact same
dress!’ or ‘I adore your little snub nose.’

      Actually, I’d rather use silence to express all my love for them,
since language is so lack of power and the fun I depicted is so less
compared to the happy things that happened among them. I won’t cry when
I saw it’s over though I just feel a little bit sad for departure with
them. I know I have had enough. I know friends more now and I believe
for a man like me, friends would be the most important thing in my spare
life, yes, incluing my love for my darling, my relationship with my



     Goodbye, Joey, Monica, Chandler, Ross, and my beautiful Rachel, of
course, my damn weird Phoebe. I love you all, my friends.

✸✸A line that makes one person swoon might make another cringe,
so it’s a minefield really.

These are ‘compliments’ that will earn you a cold silence from a woman.
She’s not going to notice the ‘cute’ part; it doesn’t count when she’s
worried that her dress makes her look matronly or that she has an
unfortunate nose.




The following are some sentences I extracted from Friends:

​​✸✸However, researchers from China claim to have discovered what
to say to give yourself the best chance ofwooingthe object of your
affections: use a metaphor.​

There are plenty of other things you can compliment her on that won’t
have the added effect of making her feel insecure.

You absolutely have to tell her, at least the time is right. That’s when
deaths fall.

​1) woo 英 [双语阅读,女子喜欢怎样搭讪格局。wu:]   美
[wu] vt.求爱,求婚;争取…的支持 vi.求爱;恳求


Oh, God? The orange juice comes out of my nose, but it was totally worth

They wooed customers by offering low interest rates

Don’t make a joke of it

She was totally at my mercy.



Tell my son, I love him!


Flirting can be scary at the best of times. You’re making yourself
vulnerable when you do it, and it’s perfectly natural to want to offset
that with humour. You want to tease a woman instead of complimenting her
– but being earnest is probably the best approach when it comes to
compliments. Women recognise sincerity and are grateful for it.

The room would be disappointed if it didn’t get sex. All of the other
honeymoon suites would think it was a loser.

✸✸According to scientists from the University of Electronic
Science and Technology in China, womenprefermen who use
metaphorical languagetocompliment them.​


The room expects room.

​1) prefer to 英 [priˈfə: tu:]   美 [prɪˈfɚ tu]

Instead of ‘I’d tell you how cute you look today, but of course you
already know that hahahahaha’, try a simple ‘You look really lovely
today, by the way.’

Don’t get religious on me, ok?

I still prefer to play in defence.


I’m totally drunk with the power.


亚洲必赢官网app(,That way, she won’t have to smile awkwardly or wonder whether it’s a
joke or not.

I just realized that I can sleep with my eyes open.(don’t wanna hear



You could cut the sexual tension in here with a knife.(somebody want
sex, with whom he wants to have sex)

✸✸They claim that compliments like “Your eyes are morning dew” or
“Your smile is a naughty goblin” are better received than literal
expressions like “Your lips are so sexy.”

亚洲必赢官网app( 1

Oh, Boy Scouts could’ve camped under it!


Do compliment her on things other than her appearance

I said I think you are hot and now I’m embarrassed.( when say hi to a
hot girl the first time)

✸✸Because every woman wants to be likened to a goblin.


Tell him to e-mail me at


When complimenting women, it’s good to keep in mind that women are
likely to be wary of comments on their physical appearance, and are much
more receptive to compliments on their intelligence, wit, or sense of
humour (In fact, they are almost never appreciated for the latter, so go
ahead, tell her that she’s one of the funniest people you know).

Don’t judge me. I’m only human.

​ ​✸✸And they concluded the same when men complimented women’s
possessions, so it’s apparently better to say “Your garden is a sea of
flowers” than “Your door is very strong.”


I don’t wanna be one of those wives that says “you can’t go to the
game.”, You have to spend time with me!” so, just realize it on your
own.(Monica’ s the boss always)


If you do make a comment on her physical appearance, the golden rule is
to keep it general. ‘You look beautiful,’ to your date, NOT ‘you have a
very sexy neck.’ No matter how sexy her neck is, pointing out one
hyperspecific area of her body can feel gross and objectifying.

Yeah, marriage stinks! I mean if you want to see a man gain weight and a
woman stop shaving? Get them married.

✸✸“The findings confirm our hypotheses that in
acourtshipsituation where compliments serve as a sexual display of
mate quality, women show a preference for metaphors, particularly novel
ones, in verbal structure,” the researchers wrote.​


Both Logic and Math are taking a serious hit today.

​1) Courtship 英 [ˈkɔ:tʃɪp]   美
[ˈkɔ:rtʃɪp] n.求爱期,追求期;求爱,求婚;[动]求偶(现象)

Don’t be abrasive or grudging


They were more interested in courtship and cars than in school




Sadly many men adopt a slightly hostile or abrasive tone when they
compliment women. It’s another defence mechanism that you have to let go

Oceans of classic words and dialogues are laughing and touching which I
couldn’t take them all, but I would suggest you : go find《Friends》and
spare some time enjoying. You bet love it, my friends.



✸✸Apparently using metaphors implies men are creative and
intelligent. And not just a bit poncey and weird.

Remember, the purpose of a compliment is to make somebody feel better
about themselves. Do it with a smile on your face and in a pleasant
tone: don’t say it as if you had a gun to your head.



✸✸They also hypothesised that women prefer to be complimented on
their appearance than possessions and were proven correct. The
researchers didn’t assess whether a woman might possibly prefer to be
complimented on her intelligence, quick wit or hilarious sense of

People don’t notice what you’re saying as much as the tone you’re saying
it in, so a good compliment is completely wasted if it’s delivered



✸✸It’s important to note that the study size was small – just 116
women took part – and may only reflect Chinese culture:

Finally, remember how powerful compliments can be



✸✸“The fact that Pragma (practical) and Storge (friendship-based)
love style attitudes constituted 59.65 per cent and 45.61 per cent of
the participants in our study may reflect both the participants’ sex and
Chinese culture,” the researchers said.

Ask most people and they’ll tell you: yes, they remember the best
compliment they ever received. Even if it was five years ago, in the
club loo and it was a drunk compliment from another girl.



​ ​✸✸“This finding is consistent with the report that Chinese
women, relative to their western counterparts, view love as a
companionship and place marriage over love.”


​ ​ ​✸✸In order to reach their conclusions, 116 female Chinese
students were shown a series of pictures of men and asked to rate them.


✸✸The pictures were sometimes shown with compliments that the men
would supposedly say when visiting their new girlfriend’s house (they
were randomly assigned).


✸✸But if metaphoricalchat-up linesare supposedly signifiers
of intelligence, men shouldbe wary ofusing clichés like “Do you
have a map? Because I just keep on getting lost in your eyes,” “Did it
hurt when you fell from heaven?” and “Your legs must be tired because
you’ve been running through my mind all night.”​

​1) chat-up line 英 [tʃæt ʌp lain]   美 [tʃæt ʌp laɪn]

Forget witty chat-up lines and splashing on the aftershave.


​2) be wary of 英 [bi: ˈwɛəri ɔv]   美 [bi ˈwɛri ʌv]  v.提防

People did not teach their children to be wary of strangers



✸✸You’ll likely be met with an eye-roll at best and a drink in
your face at worst.