亚洲必赢官网app( 1


亚洲必赢官网app( 1


6和6 Plus手机的决定,此前苹果曾做出这一威胁。

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Using a mobile phone while cycling is to be banned in the Netherlands
amid mounting safety fears in a country where bikes outnumber people.







  Private cars used to be a luxury for most Chinese people, while
today they can be seen everywhere in China as an indispensable part of
life。 Not only do people drive to and from work, but they often travel
by car。 In some cities, the growth of cars is so fast that the
problems of traffic jams and lack of parking space become more severe。
The municipal governments of these cities therefore have to introduce
new rules to limit the number of cars on the road。 Also, the
increasingly serious air pollution has driven more consumers to choose
new energy vehicles, so the Chinese government has taken some measures
to support the development of new energy vehicles。 (117)

A draft law scheduled to take effect next July will extend an existing
2002 ban on car and lorry drivers using their mobile phones at the wheel
unless in hands-free mode to “the use of a mobile electronic device
while driving any vehicle (including a bicycle)”.


       A ban that threatened to stop the sale of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus
phones in China has been overturned after a court ruled in favour of
Apple in a patent dispute.Chinese firm Baili sought a ban last year
saying the iPhone infringed on the design of its 100C smartphone.China’s
patent regulator agreed with Baili and imposed the ban on Apple and
local reseller Zoomflight.The Chinese court that overturned the ban said
the regulator did not follow proper procedure when it was imposed.




      Sales of the Apple phones were allowed to continue while the court
case and appeal were being heard.The Beijing Intellectual Property Court
said the patent body had not given enough evidence to prove that a
patented design was being violated. The court said the iPhone 6 models
did not infringe on the design and patents owned by Baili as people
could easily distinguish between the 100c and the Apple models.It did
deny Apple’s application to have Baili stripped of the patent at the
centre of the case.Sales of Apple phones in China have come under
pressure recently thanks to strong local competition from Huawei, Xiaomi
and newer firms such as Oppo and Vivo. Last year, Apple sales in Greater
China, which covers China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, were down 33%.Beijing’s
Intellectual Property Office and Baili said they were considering
whether to appeal against the court’s decision.

  China currently has the world’s largest and fastest high-speed
railway network。 The speed of high-speed trains will continue to
increase, and more cities will build high-speed railway stations。
High-speed rail greatly reduces travel time。 Compared with aircraft,
high-speed trains boast the outstanding advantage of punctuality,
because they are hardly affected by weather or traffic control。 The
high-speed train has greatly changed Chinese people’s way of life。
Today, it has become the preferred means of transport for many people
on business trips。 Also, a growing number of people travel by
high-speed trains during holidays。 Many young people even choose to
work in a city and live in a nearby city, commuting by them。 (112)

The Dutch transport minister, Cora van Nieuwenhuizen, said the law was
needed because the advent of social media and unlimited mobile data had
changed how people used smartphones and the time they spent on them.






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  Bicycles were once the most important means of transport in China‘s
urban and rural areas, which made China “the kingdom of bike。”
Nowadays, as urban traffic congestion and air pollution become more
serious, cycling has gained popularity again。 Recently, Chinese
entrepreneurs, combining mobile Internet technology with traditional
bicycles, invented a business model called shared bicycles。 The advent
of shared bicycles makes cycling more convenient, for a shared bicycle
can be used anytime with one mobile phone alone。 In order to encourage
people to travel by bike, many cities have built bicycle lanes。 Now,
more Chinese people also like to exercise by cycling。 (102)

Cyclists were excluded from the initial ban because of their lower
speeds, Van Niewenhuizen said. “But in fact, using a phone is just as
dangerous on a bike as it is in a car,” she said. “The fact is that
whenever you’re on the road you should be paying full attention and not
doing anything at all on a phone.”







The increasing popularity of electric bikes meant cyclists’ average
speed had risen, the minister added, while the country’s 22,000 miles of
cycle lanes and paths had become more crowded.




The Netherlands has more bikes – about 22.5m – than people: 17 million.
Almost a quarter of the population cycles every day and cycle use has
increased by about 12% since 2005; the average Dutch cyclist now covers
more than 600 miles a year in 250-300 trips.




Pedestrians, too, are at risk when they use mobile phones near cyclists:
the Dutch town of Bodegraven last year launched a trial of foot-level
traffic lights to prevent people wandering on to roads or cycle lanes
while glued to their screens.




While research suggests the number of cyclists who need emergency care
after an accident involving a mobile phone may not be particularly high,
less serious accidents have become increasingly common, particularly
among young people.




One in five bike accidents involving people aged 12 to 25 last year
involved a smartphone, according to one estimate. A total of 206
cyclists died in traffic accidents in 2017, according to the central
statistics office CBS, 17 more than the previous year.

  ①Bicycles were once the most important means of transportation in
China‘s urban and rural areas, and China was once called the “kingdom
of the bicycle“。


亚洲必赢官网app( ,  ②Nowadays, with the increasingly serious urban traffic congestion
and air pollution, cycling has become popular again。

Opinion polling suggests 75% of the Dutch believe the “active use” of a
mobile – calling, texting, playing games, downloading music, posting on
social media or using other apps – on bikes should be outlawed, with a
majority saying they had witnessed “dangerous situations” involving
cyclists and smartphones.

  ③Recently, Chinese entrepreneurs have combined mobile Internet
technology with traditional bicycles and invented a business model known
as shared bikes。


  ④The emergence of shared bikes makes cycling more convenient。
People are able to use shared bikes at any time with only a mobile

  ⑤In order to encourage people to go cycling, many cities have built
bicycle lanes。

  ⑥Now, more and more Chinese people also like to work out by

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